ToC: Australian Journal of Jewish Studies, Vol. XXXIII (2020)

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The Australian Association for Jewish Studies is pleased to announce that the latest issue of the Australian Journal of Jewish Studies is now online. The journal is fully accessible here.

Table of Contents

Jennifer Creese and Jan Láníček

Levi Cooper
Pandemics in the Promised Land: The Hasidic Experience

Dvir Abramovich
Holocaust Representations in Early Hebrew Poetry: Uri Zvi Greenberg

Samuel Wan
Those Days of Holocaust Will Cease but ‘These Days of Purim Will Never Cease’: A Practical Theology of Purim

Pedro José González Corona
The Technology of Torture and the Failures of Human Appropriation: Jean Améry as the Modern Bearer of a Secret, the Jewish Soul

Jan Láníček, Andy Pearce, Danielle Raffaele, Keith Rathbone and Edward Westermann
Unusual Approaches to Teaching the Holocaust

Sven-Ole Andersen
From Kaiserschmarrn and Sports to Krav Maga: How Political Circumstances and Fascist Terror Led to the Creation of a Jewish Hero and His Lasting Legacy

Jeffrey A. Marx
A Stranger among His People: The Art, Writing, and Life of Bert Levy

Anne F. Thompson
“Dear Sir Rabbi”: The Correspondence of Rabbi L. A. Falk, 1938-1939

Chaim Cowen
The Evolution of the Melbourne Beth Din

Ephraim Nissan
Double-Mode Clock, Arabic Pocket Watch, Jewish Time, and the Canonical Hours: On the Modern Legacy of the Roman Market Hours

Suzanne D. Rutland
Review of House on Endless Waters. By Emuna Elon. Sydney: Allen and Unwin, 2020.

Jason Schulman
Review of Black Power, Jewish Politics: Reinventing the Alliance in the 1960s. By Marc Dollinger. Waltham: Brandeis University, 2018. 

Alice Mitzi Leggett
Review of Making Bodies Kosher: The Politics of Reproduction among Haredi Jews in England. By Ben Kasstan. New York: Berghahn Books, 2019.

Alexandra P. Modelska
Review of Ghost Citizens: Jewish Return to a Postwar City. By Lukasz Krzyzanowski. Translated by Madeline G. Levine. Cambridge, Massachusetts and London, England: Harvard University Press, 2020.