H-Romania is an international interdisciplinary academic network promoting the professional study, criticism, and research of all aspects of Romanian history, politics, culture and society.  It focuses primarily on the countries of Romania and Moldova but also attends to numerous other past and present political, ethnic and social groups, including minorities and diasporas, in terms of their significant connections to present-day Romanian territory.

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Solving the Mystery of Crafting a Winning Book Proposal


Many scholars excel at writing academic manuscripts but are less confident when asked to pitch their work in the final stage ahead of submission: the book proposal. Laura Portwood-Stacer, author of The Book Proposal Book (Princeton University Press), will break down the book proposal process in a clear and attainable way and offer tips on how to (successfully!) pitch your proposal to prospective university presses and academic publishers.

Laura Portwood-Stacer will provide some much-needed clarity on how to craft a winning book proposal. You will get:

Call for papers for the journal Plural. History, Culture, Society (2/2022)

My colleague Diana Dumitru and I co-edit the 2nd issue in 2022 of the journal Plural. History, Culture, Society (plural.upsc.md). It is a peer-reviewed journal, indexed in Scopus and other visible academic databases; it is open access and has an H2 rating on Scimago. Our issue focuses on East and Southeastern Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries. We kindly invite you to submit your paper proposal for this issue. We would also much appreciate it if you could spread the word among your colleagues.

How Can You Benefit from Publishers’ Efforts to Diversify Their Author Base?

Traditionally, leading publishers have favored publishing books written by established academics in top universities. While much of this seminal research is critically important in laying the foundations in many fields, oftentimes potentially groundbreaking research from smaller universities or from underrepresented populations hasn’t been afforded the same opportunity to be seriously considered by leading publishers.