H-Labor-Arts focuses on discourses on labor including the arts, cultural and creative industries. It seeks to bring together participants with shared interests but diverse fields of study, including artists, anthropologists, designers, crafters, curators, historians, labor activists, cultural theorists, and educators. Thus, it addresses interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches in labor arts studies for a broad-based discussion on, but not limited to, the cultural and artistic artifacts of labor movements and of working people over the course of history. We also encourage artists, crafters, entrepreneurs and labor activists to tell their stories through personal narratives, so as to add to the conversation and to advance important lessons gained through personal experiences. Consequently, illuminating positions and ideas on the cultural, artistic artifacts and contributions of working people will emerge.                                        

The banners, placards, buttons, paintings, photographs, cartoons and songs that have moved workers to action on many fronts over the years are the focus of the discussion; images of many of the items under discussion can be found on the web museum LaborArts.org. LaborArts.org is an organization that ‘gathers, identifies and displays images of …cultural artifacts in order to encourage more people …to appreciate the history of work and working people.’ We're on Twitter @HLaborArts and Instagram h.labor.arts.

Editors and subscribers are free to start discussions provided that they address and inform Labor Arts. To that end, we ask that contributions be considerate, and as such, the lead editor retains the right to review material for its pertinence, tone, style, and relevance to the network's mission. 

If you are interested in becoming a network editor and take an active role in developing new, open-access online materials and resources for the field we would love to hear from you. We are currently looking for contributors, bloggers, discussants, resources and learning and teaching editors. If you are interested in helping us build this network, email us or please see our recruitment page for further details.


Arts, Cultural & Creative Industries

H-Labor-Arts is developing its 'Book Work' resources and we are interested in interviewing authors whose work focuses on labor arts including cultural and creative industries. If you are interested please contact us we will be happy to hear from you.


National Museum of Asian Art - Upcoming Programs: Vever's Persian Painting Collection (3/8) and The Craze for Safavid Carpets (3/15)

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