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International Virtual Lecture Series: Talking Memory with Ferne Pearlstein and Liat Steir-Livny

Next time on the Ghetto Fighters' House virtual lecture series "Talking Memory" in collaboration with Classrooms Without Borders:

We are honored to host Ferne Pearlstein, director of "The Last Laugh",  for a conversation with Dr. Liat Steir Livny on the Holocaust and Humor.

The film "The Last Laugh" will be accessible from Thursday, November 19th until Sunday the 22nd.

INQUIRY: English Written Female Jewish Migration Narratives - Literature Search

Dear all,

I am looking for English narratives of Female Jewish Writers with migration experiences for my PhD project:

- authors who are female, write in English and address family migration and postmemory

- authors who emigrated in childhood with their families to English speaking countries (70s/80s/90s of the 20th century - 3rd generation)

- authors who write novels/autofictional accounts that address experiences of migration from a female perspective (female protagonist)

Playing the Holocaust - Online Discussion I

Playing the Holocaust
Friday 20th November 4-5:30pm (London Time, UTC 0)
What role might games and play have in the future of Holocaust memory? Holocaust-themed computer games have provoke controversy, reigniting historical debates about the appropriateness of representation. Nevertheless, little of this criticism has engaged with a deep understanding of the specificities of computation, digital cultures, gaming or play.